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Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam

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The documented case for treason in Jane Fonda’s 1972 visit to Hanoi — including her pose with an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American planes, and propaganda broadcasts toward U.S. troops.

Trade Paperback: 205 pages
Released: 2007
Publisher: McFarland & Company
ISBN: 0-784-2729-9

Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam is not a potboiler; it is a blood boiler, and your blood will surely boil when you read the Holzers’ description of Jane Fonda's treachery during the Vietnam War.... As a combat officer I can attest to the fact that Jane Fonda ... succeeded ... in lowering troop morale....” »More

— Nelson DeMille, novelist

Using [Jane Fonda's] own speeches ... Professor and Mrs. Holzer cleverly connect her eagerly delivered statements to the law of treason, and lead you through a thicket of law and evidence with incontrovertible logic. Follow them through this remarkable book as they prove that there was enough evidence to indict and convict her of the grandfather of all crimes. You, too, can review that evidence, and then cast a 'guilty' ballot.”

— George E. "Bud" Day, Col. USAF (Ret.), Recipient of the Medal of Honor

We former POWs will never forget being forced to listen to the propaganda broadcasts of Jane Fonda from Hanoi. Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam is 'must reading' for those who want irrefutable proof of Hanoi Jane's treachery, and its legal significance.”

— Mike McGrath, Capt. USN (Ret.), President, NAM-POW

No American who loves his country will fail to be sickened by the story Professor and Mrs. Holzer have told in this book. They are owed a debt of gratitude by those who cherish liberty and continue to defend it.”

— David Horowitz, David Horowitz Freedom Center

Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw Haw — all of whom were punished as traitors — would have been amazed to read Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam. The sum for their acts of treason equals a small fraction of the acts of aid and comfort Jane Fonda gave our Communist enemies.

“This book will shock many Americans. That Fonda committed many acts of aid and comfort documented here is astonishing. That the American government looked the other way is astounding. This book provides the indictment that the government could have handed to a jury — if it had had the will to do so.... A 'must read'!”

— Fred Kiley, Col. USAF (Ret.), co-author, Honor Bound, American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973

Disagreeing with our nation’s foreign policy does not give one license to commit treason ... and any government that, in the name of ‘freedom,’ fails or is afraid to prosecute the treasonous, itself betrays our nation....” »More

— Force Majeure, New York, NY

Aid and Comfort is a meticulously documented, logically argued indictment of Jane Fonda — with ‘character’ development that no Hollywood biographer, let alone autobiographer, would dare pursue....” »More

— Dolores Gerneau, Virginia

... [In Aid and Comfort], a scholarly, thorough discussion of treason ... the Holzers discuss the facts in detail, then explain the law, and finally apply the law to the facts.... [Jane] Fonda’s actual speeches [reproduced in full at the end of the book] ... make an eye-popping read....” »More

— Beth Fox, Los Angeles

This review [of Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam] ... written on the 160th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, is for those who either have forgotten what Janey did or are also willing to forgive John Wilkes Booth.... SHE COMMITTED TREASON, FOLKS....” »More

— Alan Rockman, Upland, CA

American citizens who broadcast propaganda for Nazi and Japanese radio during WWII were convicted on less evidence than is displayed in the Holzers’ book Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam concerning Fonda's July, 1972, actions on behalf of the North Vietnamese....” »More

— Phil Dragoo, Santa Fe

It is not our job to forgive. It is our job never to forget. ... Aid and Comfort: Jane Fonda in North Vietnam is a fine book. It is an incredible book ... impressively detailed and well documented. As the scholars that they surely must be, the authors presented their information based on many easily verifiable sources.... I have read many books related to Jane Fonda and her exploits of the early 1970's and none are better; none are even close....” »More

— Joni Bour, Oregon

Unmasking Jane Fonda. This book should be read by everyone — like myself — who, at one time, felt that Jane Fonda was an American idol.

“The revelations described here, with irrefutable primary source evidence, will convince even the most diehard supporters that Jane Fonda committed treason as defined by the U.S. Constitution.

“Instead of being deified by women's groups and opponents of the Vietnam War (of which I number myself), Fonda should be indicted for treason.

“The treachery and malevolence of this woman is a revelation.”

— A Reader, 5-star Amazon customer review (2002)

Finally! ... A superbly written and seriously scholarly book ... based on a foundation of thorough legal analysis of documented events — for formulating what amounts to an indictment of the behavior of a traitor.

“The text is fascinating but nevertheless maintains a rigorous adherence to analyses of various data bases.... [It] provides the reader with a fine example of integrated logic and reasoning in what could easily have been a purely emotional treatise that typically characterizes much of the published articles concerning Ms. Fonda's behaviors in time of war.”

— M. JM Raffin, Illinois (5-star Amazon customer review, 2002)

There is no statute of limitations on treason. And there’s no good reason why Jane Fonda escaped it. Thirty years is nothing. The law is there for a reason.

Whether Fonda is sorry or not is meaningless in the shadow of [the] facts ... in this well-written book. Letting go because of time elapsed is not justice....”

— Steven B. Connolly, Escondido, CA (5-star Amazon customer review, 2005)
Book Description

Jane Fonda’s visit to Hanoi in July 1972 and her pro–North Vietnamese, anti–American conduct, especially her pose with an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American planes and her propaganda broadcasts directed toward American troops, angered many Americans. In their eyes, she was guilty of treason, but she was never charged by the American legal system. Instead, she has made millions, been the recipient of countless awards, and remained an honored American icon.

This work investigates Fonda’s activities in North Vietnam and argues that she could have been indicted for treason, that there would have been enough evidence to take the case to a jury, that she could have been convicted, and that a conviction probably would have been upheld on appeal.

It also considers Fonda’s early life and the effect it had on her behavior and beliefs in her later years, her audience of American POWs who were forced by the Vietnamese to listen to her broadcasts condemning them as war criminals, her arrival in Vietnam and how it was viewed by American servicemen and civilians, the crime of treason throughout history, and the only Congressional inquiry into her actions, which resulted in the government’s decision to take no legal action against her. Texts of Fonda’s radio broadcasts to American servicemen comprise the appendix.

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After thirty years of dodging the question and distorting the issue, Jane Fonda has made her case for exculpating the treason she committed in Vietnam. The case fails on every count... »More

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