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Karen Newman is a smart savvy executive whose soft-on-crime inclinations are in stiking contrast to her hard-headed business acumen — until violence strikes a much-loved member of her family and sends her life spinning out of control... »More
The fascinating memoir detailing Ms. Holzer's mentor- protégé relationship with the author of Atlas Shrugged, including a selection of Holzer's rare short stories and writing exercises... »More
Unknown to most Americans, there is a virtual epidemic of impostors in this country — countless thousands of people who, since the Vietnam War, have been either inventing a non-existent military service, or inflating their war records... »More
Every novelist, it seems, has a mentor, dead or alive. A man or a woman whose literary accomplishments and personal influence lit the fire within and kept it burning through trial, error and insensitive reviews.

Ayn Rand was very much alive during the period of my life when I first considered transitioning out of the practice of law into full-time writing.

It was during the 1960s, roughly six years after my husband and I had graduated from New York University Law School, that we.... »More

Interviews with Erika Holzer

Interview with Iwan Morelius (2009) - Covering Holzer's mentor-protege relationship with Ayn Rand, background about Holzer's novels, and Holzer's own favorite authors in the mystery-thriller genre... »More

Interview with Front Page Magazine (2006) - Covering what inspired Holzer to write Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher, the wisest advice Ayn Rand ever gave her, Holzer's definition of "craftsmanship," whether every writer really needs a mentor, and Holzer's thoughts on the current political landscape... »More

Interview with Full Context (1996) - Covering Holzer's early life, her introduction to Ayn Rand and Objectivism, Rand's reaction to Holzer's writings, and background information about Holzer's novels Double Crossing and Eye for an Eye... »More

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